Back with a Vengeance

SF Web Innovators Network [SFWIN] Meet-up. Thursday night. San Francisco. South of Market, former Land of Internet Death. Now back and vibrant. What bubble? Get the hell out of my way, buster. Blackberries and Razrs flicking about. Everyone Networking. Only this time it’s Social Networking. What was it last time? Anti-Social? 80 people in the room with enough marketing piss to sell Something to Somebody. Not a lot of engineers here of course. We Create the Ideas, Pal. What do you think we did for two years lying around coffee shops with our heads up our asses, out of work, waiting for this Goddamned Resurgence of the Internet? We are Back and with a Vengeance. Grrrrrr.

Plethora of companies I can’t pronounce or even begin to guess what the hell they do by their Playdoh-Lego-La-La Names. Highpoint: our friend Alan Graham demos a Sonos wireless music system. I would buy that!

James Byers from Wikispaces and Matt from Socialtext are here. We wiki-kibbitz about All Things Wiki. Jotspot-Yahoo rumor in Tech Crunch today monopolizes the first five minutes. If true, it would be largely good as Jot seems keen and talented on consumer stuff. If not, it doesn’t really matter because it is just a matter of time before a bunch of big players have wikis. They may not call it a wiki. Perhaps they will call it a Social Rutabaga or something. The media guys will have consumer ones… excuse me, Rutabagas. And the software guys will have enterprise ones.

For all the nuttiness to these Revivals of Internet Glee, it’s actually wonderful to see the unbridled, unfiltered entrepreneurial spirit back.

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  1. That\\\\\\\’s very interesting. I hope to read more later.

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