Daily Archives: January 10, 2007

Second Life Open Source Project Selects JIRA

sl logoAlthough I leave Atlassian product announcements to our news blog, I can’t help myself this time. Besides, I just sat through the Greatest Self-Promoter in the World, Steve Jobs today giving his Macworld address. Okay, this isn’t an iPhone, people, but I would suggest Second Life is pretty cool.

Linden Lab announced yesterday that their popular virtual world Second Life will join the open source software community. The Viewer application – a freely-downloadable program used to access and interact with the game world – is now available for third-party developers.

Atlassian is excited to have Linden Lab select Atlassian JIRA for bug and issue tracking for this project. No surprise actually as Linden Lab CEO, Philip Rosedale, reported in a case study published last year, “Now, on your first day of work at Linden Lab you’re given your login, your JIRA login, and your first task, which is to log into JIRA.” The full case study is here.

Our wiki Confluence often hogs the cooler news, but interestingly, Linden Lab’s use of JIRA internally for managing all aspects of their business — not just software projects — is the most innovative use of any Atlassian product by any customer IMHO.