Daily Archives: October 15, 2007

Hang Tough and Live Strong

The community of inspiration I felt when I blogged about my cancer is still alive. Lance Armstrong just sent me this great note:
My friend Fred Harman happens to be on the board of FRS [stands for Free Radical Scavenger — which would be a much cooler name — a great Health Energy drink] with Lance. Fred told Lance about my blog where I talked about telling my kids about my Plan to whip cancer, “The one difference between Lance and me is that I didn’t have to win the Tour de France. I only had to beat cancer.” All true, and one of those truly emotional moments.

Getting this is wonderful and inspirational for me. Lance was one of my attitude inspirations three years ago. When Lance writes “Hang Tough”, you know it’s coming from someone who defines Tough.

And I absolutely _love_ the last three words on the bottom of the card: Attitude is Everything. Check.