Highlights of Web 2.0 Summit

* actually I must admit I didn’t, but Mike Cannon-Brookes did and I was terribly jealous.

10 responses to “Highlights of Web 2.0 Summit

  1. You’ll just have to get one up on him next year and actually pee _on_ Steve Ballmer…. or throw a chair at him, he’d appreciate that.

  2. OMG, don’t tell me that was where the “strategic partnership” was formed. Did Steve look over and say “I like the look of your wiki!”???

    I hope they both washed their hands 😀

  3. hilarious. sounds like a very productive conference.

  4. the funniest thing since developers developers

  5. I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure Zuckerberg was looking at some hot woman standing behind you. Sorry, dude.

  6. Jelous? Ballmer? Now, if it had been Zuckerber…

  7. And as for Mike, if Joe Kraus peed next to Bill Gates, he shouldn’t settle for Ballmer…

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  9. Peeing next to Ballmer is pretty cool (if you are into that sort of thing, JEFF) but I have a friend who has a toilet seat that Igor Stravinsky actually sat on– and neither of them had to put up with a web 2.o conference. Top that, Mr. Smarty Pants.

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