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Welcome to Vista: Wow?

wow.jpgAt Under the Radar and have a presentation today. Need to get my presentation onto the house PC. Wearing my cool SAP Ubergeek 1G flash drive black rubber bracelet with my enormous presentation of One Slide. Okay, the drive is massive overkill, but I love the bracelet. Chicks even like it. But wait a minute, about Vista…

The task: transfer a one page Powerpoint presentation to a PC. Hell, I’m at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus. This should be a snap.

There’s just one problem. The PC has Vista. Duh. I’m at Microsoft. Great! I can’t wait to say, “Wow”.

And there ensued the most painful screwed up simple task. First surprise: inserting the flash yields the famous full screen Windows-y Screen Hog so WTF do I do now? Screen scan…must be simple to do this. Why isn’t this intuitive? Vista gives me the option of opening the file with Word, and 20 other programs, but not Powerpoint. Odd.

Finaly I get the file on the desktop and open it back-asswards with Powerpoint and my one page is reformatted to look like crap. Why Oh Why, if this PC does not have the Gil Sans font, can’t it just convert the font to Arial, and not _move_ the text box 2 inches. Am I expecting too much?

Okay, now the real fun. Let’s fix the page. The menu bar across the top (which a Microsoft employee tells me later is called the “Ribbon”) consumes a good 20% of the screen! What UI Genius designed this? Then it ought to be painfully obvious how to edit this page. 5 scans of the page, numerous clicks to see if I can get a dropdown or _something_ yields zip. Finally I find it, fix the page, save, and breathe deeply.

I can’t think of a worse initial experience of Vista. The simplest task becomes a exercise in head scratching. Should there be a learning curve to Vista? Maybe to set my network preferences, but the answer is No for tasks like this. Operating System ought to be synonymous with Easy to Use.

Wow. Oh yeah. Wow is a good word. The Vista marketing campaign has to be one of the absolute worst high budget marketing campaigns I could ever imagine, so why should I be surprised? Welcome to Vista.