Living with Cancer in Silicon Valley

Enso, a symbol of Zen Buddhism

Enso, a symbol of Zen Buddhism

My cancer returned Monday. In not exactly a subtle way. I have two tumors, one of which is 11×8 centimeters. They are messing with my left psoas muscle which explains all the back and leg pain I have been having.

Being the occasional idiot I am about ignoring pain, I waited too long to get medication. Now I am on an intense mixture: the morphine is the platform, the percocet dulls the spikes, and the neurontin is nothing less than a bomb going off, so thankfully it’s reserved for sleep, something I have not had for weeks.

This is my life. I am living with cancer, I have had three major operations — here comes #4, I have had a frightening amount of chemo, and I lost a year of my life right before joining Atlassian. I can struggle or I can embrace it. Those of you who know me understand I have only one option. Not because I consciously choose. I am just innately positive.

Lean into it. A shrink once gave me this wonderful Zen advice about facing challenges and problems: they aren’t going away, so you can choose to fight them or embrace them. Embracing them means finding the positive, and turning the badness into goodness. Cancer is an opportunity.

I sincerely believe cancer has been more positive than negative. Thanks to my first battle, I had time to focus on my son, who was struggling with teenage issues, and help him make a remarkable turnaround to a focused young man. It was in him, but I learned how to be a better parent thanks to cancer.

I learned how much love there is in this world. All you have to do is get in touch with it, and it’s everywhere. Even out here in the social-2.0-blogging-weird-o-sphere, the connections can humble you. People may be conversing in Seemingly Strange Ways like Twitter, but there are humans behind those electronic bits and the messages and meaning can lift my spirits. That was the lesson I learned about blogging about cancer and seeing the love come back. My blog inspired people, and the Awesome Karma came back inspiring me through a major surgery.

A friend reminded me: I have a blueprint for this journey. Getting the news Monday about the two tumors sucked. I was upset to say the least. I love my life. Four years ago, I married the most Incredible Woman on the Earth, I bought a new house, and I met this incredible little company called Atlassian. I just love my work. I love living here in California. I am the luckiest guy in the world. My blueprint starts with reminding myself that I do all these things — the ritual Sunday night family dinner, the sandwiches my daughter Brittany brings me while I am sitting here waiting for surgery… the list is long — because I love them. And yes, it includes the work I love.

The first priority on the blueprint is of course getting the right treatment and recovering. But the blueprint includes trying to work when you can. I called a customer Tuesday morning, just 20 hours after getting the news. Willie Doyle had read my blog and wanted to share their agile development story. I love talking to customers and learning what they’re doing. The point is: cancer is not going to stop me from learning new, cool things like this.

Surely I will have to cycle down and let things go during surgery. Right now my biggest challenge is managing this intense concoction of drugs so I can still do the little things I love: like blogging.

Awhile ago I chose to write about personal things in this blog, and not just talk about software, business, Atlassian, and the expected. That’s also part of my blueprint: people have complex, interesting dimensions, and sharing these opens up opportunities.

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  1. Jeffrey, wondering where you were today, just saw this. Damn. You know we’re all here, 100% in the your corner. Take the gloves off, hang in, and beat this SOB crazy.


  2. Morgan Friberg

    Definitely here for you.

  3. Bill Arconati

    We need you, man! So focus on what’s important now so that we can have Jeffrey back in here.

  4. Best of luck to you. Get well!

  5. Whoa – at a loss of words. We’ve only met twice (Germany), and both times I have admired the way you leave an impression on others. You’re one of the most remarkable people I’ve been blessed to get to know. Just keep your head up!

  6. Jessie Crutner

    You’re definitely a big part of the heart of this company. Take care of yourself. We’re all thinking about you.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this, Jeffrey. Holding thumbs for you and thinking of you!

  8. Thanks for sharing so openly with us Jeffrey. All the best to you in a healthy recovery. Can’t wait to have you back.

  9. Another inspiring post Jeffrey. Hang in there – the whole company is right here with you.

  10. Sending all the positive vibes and strength I can… stay strong and kick it’s ass again!

  11. Man, you are an inspiration to us all! Thinking of you.

  12. Jeffrey
    We have both been through a lot. We both understand the challenges and opportunities of cancer. This is not something we would chose but we were chosen. As you know, there is no escaping the reality so every day is a special day and one step closer to the cure.
    Play the game knowing that there is a cure coming and our job is to stay in the game.
    STRENGTH.. Physical, emotional, spiritual and medical.

  13. You’re a lesson in how to deal with adversity: get a posse together and come out fighting.

    Kick its arse, Jeffrey.

  14. Mate, real sorry to hear this. You must be one tough SOB to be at #4.

  15. Jeffrey, I’m sorry to hear this news. I hope that everything will go alright with the surgery and that you’ll feel better soon. I wish you that from my whole heart.

  16. Jeffrey, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here. You have an amazingly positive outlook which is admirable. We’re all thinking of you.

  17. Embrace your problems… absolutely! Your attitude is inspiring, and with it I’m sure you will face this challenge down and win once again. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  18. Jed Wesley-Smith

    Jeffrey mate, I am extremely upset to hear this news – but at the same time I am inspired by the wisdom in your attitude to it. Best of love to you and your loved ones.

  19. Dude! So sorry to hear the bad news!
    Love to you, Jessy and the kids! Our thoughts are with you! Kick its arse!

    Nick & Carli

  20. Jeffrey-
    I’m relying on your indomitable spirit to get us all through. I am here all the way.

  21. Oh s**t. Not again.

    My first thoughs reading this. I blogged about how you beat this s**t lat time, Cancer Dude … and now I feel speechless.
    And I don’t feel I am up to the task, when all it’s only a bit of wordsmithing.

    But here you go, facing this damn thing again and all positive. Jeffrey, I am humbled, and amazed at your strength. If ANYONE, you are the guy to beat it again.

    And you will. See you back!

  22. Jeffrey-

    Coincidentally I talked to two other friends today, both with serious health issues. One is bitter, despairing, and in the process of destroying all of the relationships he has. The other is like you: positive, optimistic, and looking forward. Whatever you do and whatever happens, stay the way you are. You’re an inspiration.


  23. Jeffrey,

    You are a total inspiration — a true fighter who will kick those tumors to the curb. I’ve been playing phone tag with Jess but know that I am sending love and good sh*t-kicking vibes from up north.


  24. Best wishes to you Jeffrey – thank you for your inspiring words.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  25. I know you’ll beat this again. Many good thoughts coming your way. Time to kick some ass.

  26. All the best throughout the journey.


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  28. Hey Jeffrey,

    Thinking of you and the sheer strength of will that has carried you through this ordeal in the past. That strength will work again this time, and in the end you’ll be even all the more strong for it.

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  30. Jeffrey,

    I find your worldview unbelievably refreshing at a time when so many people are despairing over things that, in the grand scheme, pale in comparison to what you’re battling. I sure hope you kick cancer’s ass yet again, as you’ve done before. Please let me know what I can do to help.



  31. Lauren, Rico & Co


    We’ll be over with bagels, lox and six year olds on Sunday. Til then, sending lots of love.

  32. Jeffrey–I have no clue who you are. I just saw this on TechMeme. But I wish you the very best of luck. And, not to sound unoriginal, but your attitude is indeed inspiring.

  33. Damn… so sorry to hear this.

    Let em have it!! *shakes fists*

    All the best Jeffery.

  34. Will pray for you, and I wrote some music for a friend going through similar stuff with their cancer. Links to follow. As I read your bio… I think you will laugh until you cry.

    I know I did when I realized who you are … and how I have a confession to make.

    I sadly must admit I wrote a song called Jira Blues for Daniel, my co-worker. The song is not very good, my best stuff is Songs to Soothe the Savage Child, but if you are a musician and artist, you know not everything is our best stuff. We just keep going.

  35. The other stuff is lighter jazz, and took much longer to produce. Like software, music that’s rushed through production usually doesn’t sound very good.

    So in no particular order, for your listening pleasure:

  36. At work, about 100 of us use Jira and Confluence every day. Since one guy passed away from cancer, and several have been fighting it for years, we feel great empathy. You’ll be in our prayers.

  37. Dude, mate, comrade, friend: you’ll beat the shit out of it until it’s gone, no question about it. In the meantime, you know EVERYONE is here. Keep playing the music, enjoy the family, the vino and laugh until it hurts, literally! We’ll see you very, very soon.


  38. Your spirit and determination is inspiring to all. Keep the good fight and best wishes in beating it!

  39. Mate. We love you. Anything you need, just call. You have our thoughts and meditations.

  40. We’re here, all of us. Take our strength.

  41. All good energy and thoughts for you, Jeffery. I hope all the love finds its way and helps heal.

    My thoughts are with you.

  42. You are an inspiration to all of us. And our best wishes are with you.

  43. Good luck man.

    Anyone in the Seattle area that wants in on a 24 hour ski rally this weekend raising money for the American Cancer Society let me know.

    Kevin (@spwiki)

  44. Hi Jeffrey –
    we haven’t met in person but we settled a date for October – therefore fight the beast as I am looking forward to turn over this virtual acauaintance towards a real life one.

    So – you did it once, you’ll do it also a second time – successfully! My thoughts are with you – and I am looking forward for October!

    Regards – Bjoern

  45. I am so sorry to hear about this Jeffrey. Your attitude and outlook are an inspiration for us all.

  46. Thoughts with you, Jeffery.

  47. Your inner strength to fight this is so inspiring. Keep the fight on and get well soon.

  48. Sending my well wishes your way.

  49. Dude, you have the upper hand – you beat it three times, this will be the fourth. Sending positive energy and good wishes your way.

    Be Strong.

    – Rich

  50. All the best Jeffery.

  51. Wow, I didn’t know about your past battles. Sort of glad I didn’t, as it allowed me to get to know you as Jeff the leader of a great SF company. Now I now can know u as a survivor, and I’m even more impressed. You’re a true inspiration. Hug your kids and wife.

  52. Aaron Fulkerson

    You kick ass, keep doing so. You’re in my family’s thoughts.

  53. Here for you, wishing you and your family all the best and sending our strength!

  54. Embrace, Jeffrey, embrace. See the possibility that you do have, even in the struggle you’re facing.

    I lost my stepdad to cancer in January and it’s thrown the entire family off kilter. We are doing okay and I know you and your family will deal with this in strong style.

    Our wishes are with you.

  55. I am sorry! – Best wishes for you! And thanks for sharing this! “Sterkte”

  56. Go kick some cancer butt Jeffrey!

  57. Jeffrey,

    this is now family reading and you are a tremendous inspiration to us all!
    With that will, that attitude, the love, the no-nonsense facing and embracing it – you will get through, no doubt about it!

  58. Hi Jeffrey,

    I just remembered, you wanted to swing by with your bike and take me up Skyline for a ride. The sun will be back soon and just may be by that time you will feel better too.

    Sending strength and good thoughts. You are an inspiration, Mark.

  59. Dearest Jeffery,
    I still wear the occasionals t-shirt often. Whenever I do my 3 year old son says, “Hey Dad, that is a cool t-shirt. It has a broken guitar on it.”

    Keeping rocking, and as Mr Armstrong reminds us, Livestrong.


  60. You already know that I have a lot of love for you, but my admiration for your approach to life grows and grows. I meet a lot of people, and few are unforgettable. But the first time I saw your crazy smiling eyes I knew you were special. I can see from the comments here that I am not alone in feeling that.

    I will send you all the good vibes I can muster and look forward to catching up soon at the Summit or in Boston or wherever.

  61. Jeffrey – very saddened to hear the news, but admire your awesome attitude and positivity. Lea and I will be thinking of you.

  62. You’re an inspiration to anyone who is suffering through anything … bring it on and make me stronger.

  63. Jeffrey – My prayers go out for you and your family. My mother has cancer and going through the same situation, so I can to some extent understand how it effects you and your whole family. Its heart warming to see your attitude in the face of trouble, and I am sure with that attitude you can beat cancer again.

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  65. Wojciech Seliga


    I’ll pray for you. I hope everything will be fine. In any case you have already won!
    Good luck and much faith!

  66. Hi Jeffrey

    It is great to hear you expressing such positivity relating to your cancer, and that you are facing its’ return with such determination. I know from my experience that attitude does play a really big part. I hope your family are also getting lots of support as of course they also have feelings brought up by this new battle you have ahead.

    My best wishes for a swift recovery
    Anne Orchard
    Author ‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’

  67. Nicolas Peeters

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I’m very sad to hear about this but I am confident about the future. You have done it before. It is extremely inspiring to read how you are dealing with all this. Many good thoughts and a lot of strength going your way…

    All the best,


  68. Sherali Karimov

    Jeffrey, just read – total bummer! We love you, man! You are an inspiration! Anything you need – we are here for you!

  69. Thinking about you, Jeffrey, and certain you will kick cancer’s ASS!

  70. Heard the news through the wikisphere – all power to you, cancerdude!

  71. Thinking about you in this time but appreciating the openness and positive attitude you bring to this challenge.

    Rock on.


  72. Valerie Bergkamp

    Jeffrey, I wish you all the strength to get through have done this before! I’m confident you can do it again!

    All the best to you and your family!

  73. So sad to hear this news Jeffrey. It was a pleasure meeting you at a London AUG a while ago, and hope to do so again some time in the future..
    Keep on strumming and kick this cancer’s ass.

  74. You can do it! Keep the faith, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  75. So it would seem that this cancer doesn’t know what’s good for it; it just keeps coming back for another arse kicking.

    Fortunately you appear more stubborn than it ever will be. Your attitude never ceases to amaze me mate, I don’t think I could ever be as strong about it.

    My thoughts always,

  76. I’m learning a lot from the way you are handling this… lean in to it hard. See you in Boston next time. Best of luck!

  77. My thoughts are with you, brother.

  78. Sending love, positivity, and happy thoughts through the air.

  79. Heard it through twitter. Best wishes Jeffrey. You are truly an amazing person and this world needs more of your kind.

  80. Daniel McWeeney of Adobe apprised the SAP Community Network of this post and reminded the community of our virtual relationship with you, the person heading the software many of us use daily, Confluence. You enable thousands of virtual colleagues to support one another professionally, and in our community, that often extends to a more person support. Thus, you have the prayers and best wishes of the wider communities you enable.

  81. Lean in Strong and nothing will take you, you can do it again. Our thoughts are with you – jules

  82. Jeffrey, I met you only a couple of times in the States but I’m really inspired by your experience and strength. Those times I could see something in your eyes.

    Keep on fighting and don’t give up! You seem to be an incredible person and an awesome warrior!

    We’re all there with you.

  83. While I terribly appreciate people thinking I’m tough (I’ll take it the perception…maybe I can exploit that?), toughness does not touch the feeling when you wake up to 79 comments from places as far away as Gdansk, Sydney, Some-Place-in-Germany-I-Can’t-Pronounce, Toronto, Liverpool… You bring me to tears. And these are tears of Goodness. Love-Fuel for an outstanding day. I wish I could call everyone of you. Peace and Thank _you_.

  84. Sending much love fuel and Awesome Karma your way, Jeffrey. We are all pulling for you.

  85. Aww Jeffrey, just saw this and it feels like I got punched in the chest. I’m sure you’ve got a million things happening right now but please ping me when you need a pal to drop by. Let Jessie know to get in touch with me too, as needed. I’m here for you bro.

  86. Hey Jeffrey, Asahi once said that a warrior must only take care that his spirit is never broken but I don’t think you are going to need any of that to kick this cancers Asahi 🙂 Tons of love, power and strength to you. Stephen

  87. Hey Jefferey.

    You don’t know me. I barely know Mike CB, but I have followed Atlassian since I met him. I saw him post about you on Facebook. I have read a smidge of your blog and mate, you’re an inspiration to me ok? Here I sit thinking I have issues and challenges and you are there with a BATTLE on your hands and reminding me that I, ME, am actually, not you (sorry), the luckiest guy on the planet. Brillant wife I have loved since I was 16, 3 gorgeous kids, great career – what the fuck do I have to worry about? Well some stuff, but I can fix that stuff. It is within my power. It is merely an exercise of will. Like wiggling my pinky.

    Jeff, from a bloke you never met, know this – you actually made my life better – right here and now. You have inspired me and encouraged me to be better and be better to those I love. Thanks mate.

    Kick it’s arse Cancerdude. Embrace it and smother it with your positivity. To quote Rob Schneider as he is wont to say in every Adam Sandler film he appears in (which I am pretty sure is all of them) “YOU CAN DO IT!”

  88. Your grace, thoughtfulness, and gumption are inspiring. Based on my wife’s experience with cancer, and her continued work in the community, it’s always amazing how cancer brings out the best, and at times, the worst, in all of us. You are showing us the best of the best. Thanks.


  89. Our thoughts are with you. My family knows this battle very well. Keep up the spirit as it is now and keep showing your love to your family and to all of us as you are doing it now. Wishing you best of luck!

  90. Jeffrey,

    Took few days to formulate these few sentences… You are a mentor, a friend and an inspiration to me.

    I want to see you get well and believe in your strength to get through this.

    My thoughts are with you,


  91. Jeffrey,

    Took couple of days to formulate these few sentences… You are a mentor, a friend and an inspiration to me.

    I want to see you get well and believe in your strength to get through this.

    My thoughts are with you,


  92. Get well soon, I’m sure you will make it and be healthy very soon.

  93. I kicked cancer’s butt last year after being diagnosed with malignant abdominal mesothelioma. It was quite a shock, but I ignored the skeptics and came through it all.

    Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery -=Wef

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  95. Jeffrey,

    Great post. You’re in my thoughts.
    And I’m going to point other people to your blog for this sort of stuff.


  96. To My Brave, Wonderful Father:

    I love you so much it actually hurts!!

    You never show fear no matter what life throws at you, which is something I truly admire. You are a warrior and you will get through this. Cancer has no chance. I will be right here with you every step of the way.


    To the Amazing People Who Support My Father:

    It is absolutely incredible looking at all the comments on this page. I am so deeply touched by the amount of love and support from all of you. It really shows me who my father is from reading how he has inspired people around the world. These kind words really help my family get through this difficult time. We couldn’t do it without you!

    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

  97. Jeffrey – Jim just shared your news and your blog. Of course I wish you all the best and remain so impressed and affected by your approach and energy.

    Tomorrow, when I drive down McGregory Road to see my dad I am going to give a nod to your first home and feel so pleased that in this huge, huge world it shrunk to a tiny, tiny size for you and me- first thru Good Experience, next thru Jim, and then the fact that we grew up on the same street! How lucky am I. I can’t wait to find the next connection.

    I echo everyone else – let me know if there is anyway to help.

  98. I seriously need to be more like you. The world would be a much better place for everyone in it if more folks had your inspirational, frankly beautiful outlook.

    I’m praying hard for you. Moreover, I’m praying hard that more people get to cross your path and learn from your example.

    [Adding to RSS reader. Religiously reading from now on.]

  99. JUST returned to work after recovering from a stage III cancer. Sad to hear yours returned. I’ll be thinking of you and following you on Twitter and in your blog.

    I agree though, that cancer is an opportunity for many things. From what little I know of you, I’m confident you’re one to do what you can to take full advantage.


  100. Jeffrey,

    I just landed from SF (I was supposed to visit your offices then got carried away in the valley), and I just saw this. All my thoughts are with you and your family, and you are truly an inspiration. Looking forward to see you soon again at some Atlassian event.

  101. I am honored to have you as a father. You represent so many things that I aspire to be. Each day of my life I work to improve and erase flaws. You are somebody that I look to when going about this process.

    I hate cancer and I can only hope that no one close to me, or anyone for that matter, has to endure it. But in your first treatment you rose above the challenge and accomplished so many great things. You and I developed an even stronger bond. So if the second time means that I get to become even closer with you, then I will put up with this Sh*t one more time (just as long as you and your steriods rip the cover off these tumors and send them into another dimension).

    I love you incredibly, and remember…

    “Cancer doesnt build character, it reveals it”

  102. Jeff – thoughts, prayers and positive energy coming your way…looks like from all corners…you’re blessed. Stay strong.

  103. george kiberd

    life . on the day kennedy was shot, i was walking home from moses brown, past the quaker meeting house where you and ralph and steve and ”james”( you were always the only one who called him james back then) and i would play.. past the big house where we played floor hockey and threw chestnuts out the window.. on my way down the long staight sidewalk of morris ave to the house on larch street. off in the distance a woman was walking towards me. as she passed she looked up. it was my mother.” i’m going to the walkers” was all she said.we never spoke of that moment again. to this day, the anguished look on her face at that moment is my clearest memory of her.. take care my friend.

  104. Benjamin Naftzger

    I can’t believe its back. I’m sending all my positive vibes your way mate.

    Well you’ve shown what to do. Embrace it and beat it.

    Thanks for another powerful lesson in positive thinking Mr Walker.

    My love goes out to you and the family.


  105. Jim Tourtelott


    Mary Veznaian wrote to tell me that your cancer was back. It was disheartening to hear that, but I draw some comfort from seeing that you’re going at this with all the courage and spirit at your disposal.

    I don’t know, if it will help a guy whose mother raised him to be a good atheist, but you should know that down In Austin there’s at least one Quaker holding you in the Light.

    Take it from Julian of Norwich_”All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”


  106. We’re with you Jeffrey and we’ll be praying for you and your family.

  107. My best wishes and thoughts are with you Jeffrey.

  108. Be strong, Jeffrey! I know you’ll get through this and be back in action soon.

  109. Amdrew McCarthy

    ….Lean into it…

    …Cancer is an opportunity…

    I think of mine as a focusing event, a reminder that experiences and love are always more important than things or even


    live strong

  110. Brooke Ellison

    Hi Jeffrey,

    You are in my thoughts constantly. You are an inspiration to me in so many ways– as a cancer survivor, as a beloved and loving father, as a chef extraordinaire, as a master blogger, as a passionate musician and artist, and as a yelp elite sweatshirt owner. I know you can beat this again.

    You and your family have been a delightful and treasured presence in my life for the past thirteen(ish) years, and I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of it. I love you all so much.

    All kinds of good vibes are coming your way from Chicago!

    With my support, love, prayer, and confidence,

  111. You do realise that your Cancer 3.0 means we now have to move to Web 3.0. Don’t forget your running shoes so you can do you post-op marathon like last time 🙂 Get well soon, man.

  112. Jeffrey – Wow. I am speechless, both at the news and the way you are handling it and inspiring so many people. It’s good to hear your spirits are up, driving the healing process for your body. Thank you for sharing your story – your attitude is truly humbling. I believe your daughter when she says you’re a warrior!

    Lots of love and strong, healthy vibes to you and your family from deep within my heart.

    Your European “cousin”.

  113. Jeffrey,
    Brooke just gave me the news. Your first recovery was awe inspiring, not just because you beat the disease–but because you did it with dignity, grace, and an attitude that set an example for all of us struggling with things that we ‘think’ are big deals.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Wake up each day knowing your spirit has moved all of us.


  114. No words. Your optimism has and will take you places no one could possibly predict. Keep on believing, and fight your ass off while you are at it. I’m coming over.

  115. Hi Jeffrey,
    In reading the comments I can see what an amazing group of friends you have. You and Jess have a wonderful support network in SF – and know that while we are not nearby, we are here for you too and thinking of you. Love, Sue

  116. Jeffrey

    You are an amazing fighter — this spirit will get you thru the ordeal. As I reflect back, we were all together in our office on 9/11 – when people ask me where I was that day – I mention, I was in Jeffrey’s staff meeting!

    Best Wishes

  117. I’ve been backed up on reading your blog, and just got caught up. You are so much stronger than any cancer, Jeffrey, and I know that you’ll beat it again. No question in my mind. It’s just who you are, and how you are. Thinking of you, even after all those years since we’ve worked together.

  118. Jeffrey,

    Just read your latest news and want to offer my support and prayers. An awful lot of people love and respect you so keep us posted on your progress as you beat the cancer – again.

  119. Hi Jeff,

    I recognized George Kiberd’s, Jim Tourtellot’s, your children’s posts, and your sterling example. Keep up the good fight. And, if your surgery requires any blood products, know that I am donating on your account.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your insights,

  120. Jeffrey, I am so upset to hear about this. What you are dealing with is scary as hell and yet here you are taking on the fight head on… again. Like your son said it “reveals” character and we can all plainly see that yours runs deep. I have been thinking about you and I am hoping very much for you to have another healthy recovery. If anybody is capable of doing it, it’s you.


  121. So sorry to hear this news. There is one bright light in all this and that sir, is you. Shine on you crazy diamond!

    Draw on the collective soul whenever you need to mate. We’re here and ready.


  122. Jeffrey,
    You were an inspiring leader for me early in my career and while I am very saddened to hear you’re facing surgery, your writing goes on to demonstrate your brave and enlightened way of handling things. Stay strong!
    Light and love,

  123. Hey Jeff…

    I’m not quite sure how to say this, but I just wanted to thank you for always treating me like family no matter what was happening in our lives. I always felt, and continue to feel, lucky about the special relationship we have, and I truly believe that if anyone has the strength of character to get through this, it is you.

    You know how much you, brittany, and your family mean to me, and I just wanted to let you know that my family and I will be praying hard for your full recovery.

    You didn’t have to be so nice to me, and I am so grateful that, no matter the length of time we had not seen eachother, we always got on so well.

    Take care.

    PS- Since I know how much we always bonded over music, thought I’d send you a link to something that you might like.

  124. What!??!! I just saw Jenney’s post on Facebook and linked here. I’m shocked. You *Mr. Positive* are right on track though. You will kick it! I hated hearing this news, but the wisdom you shared here helped me today and I thought you should know that too. I’m sending as much positive energy as I can your way. xo Carol

  125. I met you and Jessie in Boston last year at a conference. I was so sorry to hear the news. Your positive attitude expressed in your blog is truly an inspiration. You and Jesse are in my thoughts during this difficult time. I wish you well!

    Take care,

  126. Jeffrey,
    I just learned of this and will keep up-to-date via your blog. You are AMAZING in every way. You carried me through and I wish I could do all that you did for me, because it was HUGE. I am here and I am sending you all my strength and love and will do anything and everything I can think of.

    Love, Marie

  127. Amanda Hickman

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Oh, lordy. I’m so sorry to hear that you are back in the battle. You are a beacon for me– I think of you often and am in awe of your spirit. You rock, you inspire, you touch people– old friends, new friends, friends nearby, friends from a distance. We’re all pulling for you. I’m sending big hugs and prayers towards the west…fight on, my friend.


  128. Hey Jeffrey,

    A year later and Cancer continues to touch so many of our lives. I’m sad to hear the news and deeply inspired by your positivity. We can all learn so much from you. Good things do come from the challenges life throws at us. Your experiences are testament to that. We are all with you buddy.


  129. Dear Jeffrey,

    You are amazing. Sending many, many warm, healing vibes your way as you, like always, embrace life. Can’t wait to hear you jamming again… Actually, you’re probably rocking out right now. 🙂


  130. Jeffrey, I just heard about this from Daniel. It’s hard to imagine cancer standing a chance against a man as vibrant and optimistic as you are. You’re gonna destroy this thing, and it’s quite evident that you have a huge community of people that care about you to help you through it. Kick ass!

  131. You’re a real trooper Jeffrey. Keep fighting the good fight and my thoughts are with you. Give it hell!

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  133. Jeffrey – this sure puts things in perspective….you’re an inspiration to us all!

  134. Adam Saint-Prix

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said already, but I just wanted to let you know that that you are thought of often.

    Thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes your way.

  135. Sandra Blackledge Johnson

    My dear Jeffrey,
    What a kick in the butt, HARD! If anyone can beat this thing, I’m sure it’s Buzzy’s best pal, You! Please know our prayers, thoughts and good wishes are with you in this fight. YOU CAN DO IT! Keep up the same fighting spirit and you can’t lose. You have good vibes coming from places you wouldn’t even imagine. All good wishes for strength and courage for you. Jessica and the family. Go, Warrior Walkers. WIN!
    Love, from the entire family,

  136. Hey,

    I love how positive you are and it makes all the difference! I enjoyed reading your site! thanks for sharing!

    Nurse Liz

  137. Nurse Liz:

    Let it be know that the Stanford Hospital Nurses are Outstanding Hall-of-Fame Nurses which I can attest to from Wards B, C, D, F Ground, BMT, E and of course ER (where the action is). The Cancer Nurses are incredible, and my Buds Forever. It’s my honor to know you guys. — jeffrey

  138. Hey Jeffrey

    Spreading the love as always 🙂 Nurse Liz, you are dealing with one lovin life to the full man. Look after him for us all.


  139. Dear Jeffrey,

    I don’t know you but just read about your cancer returning and wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. Attitude is so important in these battles and yours is incredible and admirable. Few can remain that brave and upbeat for a sustained period of time, but to be able to return to that state is so important I suspect. Take good care of yourself and know that there are people who don’t know you but care deeply about your
    My best,

  140. Hi Jeffrey-
    So sorry to hear about your illness, I didn’t know about your past history but I did always detect something really special about your presence. You are one of the most grounded, open and ‘real’ upper management people I’ve met while working in tech. We don’t know each other well but I was always happy when you’d be involved in Dealmaker events, I think you brought so much to the table. Hope you get and stay well, sounds like you have mastered the gentle warrior approach to beating this thing, keep fighting.

  141. Jeffrey-
    Thanks for directing me to your blog and putting your story out there. It’s really great for me to be able to help take care of people such as yourself! Really an honor!

    Royce, RN

  142. Trish Moylan Davis

    Jeffrey, glad to see you are blogging again…and it sounds as if you have been in good hands at Stanford. We are so lucky to live here and have access to the best medical care in the world!

    I think about you and your amazing spirit often…Keep kicking cancers ass. And keep blogging.

    Much Love to you and Jess,

  143. Jeffrey –

    You are an inspiration; elegant, positive, humble and open. The notes from your kids hit home the most for me (although the sheer volume of love is amazing) as I am a father of two…cherish the love your family brings, listen to music (Mingus – Mood Indigo?), sit in the California sunshine, eat well, love life.

    Best Wishes,

  144. Still vibing you good thoughts every day since over a month ago when you first blogged your diagnosis, and now in hopefully good marvel on post-op healing.

    A healing body is an amazing expirament of it’s own right as you know better than most I guess – unfortunately, and more, fortunately.

  145. Dude,
    Here it is in writing. I’m getting a matching haircut in the near future. Date and terms are known by us and our witnesses. Love you man! You’re with me every day

  146. Hello Jeff,

    Here’s to a speedy recovery! Let me know if stopping by for a living room blues jam will help things along.

    Take care,


  147. It is a bad news.

    I find it is very helpful to look at our life and love in a wider scope and more dimensions. Then, you would find you will never be alone…

    This book may be worth of your reading: .

    All the best to you…

  148. I wish you the best of luck keep fighting! I have lost a few family members to different types of Cancer. It has got me on a kick about learning all about it and try to prevent it. It’s all around us and there needs to be a cure!
    I recently read a book called Cornfield Heiress, by Errollynne Peters. She learned in her 30s that she had inflamatory cancer, and her father left her a cornfield that she was able to sell. She found alternative treatments that saved her life. It’s an inspiring memoir about her life and family and love and many more things. She’s a beautiful writer and I hope to read much more from her! This book should be a must read for anyone that knows anyone with cancer, or may have cancer.
    All the best, you will pull through!

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  151. Benjamin Renaud


    Yours is an incredibly inspiring story. Those are all too rare, and all that more precious. Keep it up! and please accept all my wishes for a prompt and lasting recovery!

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  154. thanks for being such a valuable resource

  155. the information of yaur site is all that i need…. i was bookmarked it. thanks

  156. This specific blog, “Living with Cancer in Silicon Valley | Radiowalker:
    Tech Business Beat” illustrates the fact that u fully understand just what you are writing
    about! I actually totally agree. Many thanks ,Romeo

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