What’s that line? Want to come up and see my etchings? Skip it. It’s a lame joke.

Here’s what I am doing these days. This is Albert Tucker, an Australian artist, and I drew a copy of his self-portrait, in a Sydney museum.

Another Aussie artist George Lambert painted this. I sketch paintings, sculpture, anything that stands still for 10 minutes. Also from Sydney’s
New South Wales museum.

Here’s the same Lambert painting done in about 5-10 minutes and with some color on my second visit to the museum…
Lambert (color)

Recently I visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and did this sketch of a Ginoux painting of the artist Paul Gauguin. My colors are vastly different of course.
Gauguin by Ginoux

I do a lot of figure drawing particularly sculptures like this one from the Musee D’Orsay in Paris.

This is a sketch of a Degas sculpture called “Dancer Holding Her Right Foot in Her Right Hand” also done in Sydney. Degas was famous for having subjects in weird positions. I am amazed he had a model do this.
Degas Ballerina looking at foot

This past September we were in Paris and took the high-speed TGV train out to Giverny for the day and saw Monet’s gardens. Many people know Monet’s famous bridge over the pond painting. This is the same pond. I drew this with ink and then used a brush wth water to get some color.
Giverny Pond
The one thing about Giverny that blew my mind is that Monet built the pond from scratch. It’s man made, but it’s still beautiful.

This is a sketch of a famous Dutch Admiral’s clay head from his tomb after the French killed him in a battle off Sicily. I sketched this at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam in December ’06.
Dutch admiral

Here’s another attempt at ‘sketching a sketch’ so I can learn someone’s style, and in this case, the artist Lovis Corinth who did about 60 self-portraits (self absorbed, eh?) including this one which I liked because it was rather distorted and intense.

Most people don’t know Van Gogh ever drew traditional figures. I didn’t. I drew this at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and here’s a postcard of Van Gogh on the left and my sketch on the right.
Van Gogh Figure

I’ve decided if all the famous guys can do self-portraits, I should try it. Here’s one I did New Years Day 2006…
Self Portrait Tuilleries

19 responses to “Drawing

  1. Jeffrey,

    Very neat stuff! Good to see you were able to hit the Van Gogh museum during your visit.

    Thanks for sharing!
    “Half-Cousin” Chris

  2. Hi Jeffery,

    It was great to meet you at our informal get together at the Art Gallery of NSW. (Which, if you please is not actually a museum, but a gallery…they tend to make a distinction between the two, down under!). I enjoyed looking at your prostigious and excellent output (well, for an amature!), I also like the way you display them here.

    Did you get to see the Norman Lindsay gallery in the Blue Mountains? Just get out at the Falconbridge Train Station…

    What I really wanted to ask you was this. I heard about Real Life on a tv program on the ABC2 station. How do you think I would go about putting digital photos of my artwork on the game program (as real life artworks)? Who would you recomend that I contact regarding this?

    Thanks in advance for your time.


    P.S. You might also be able to find one of my self portraits on my website, drawn in a Classical style – I think it reminds me of another great Australian artist, Brett Whiteley (who sadly left this world in 1992).

  3. Jeffrey – are you the very same Portola Valley denizen I met years ago through my son Scott? If so, I’d like to catch up with you and your company Altassian

  4. Great pictures!! really like it! like how ou use special pencils to sketch and draw details on differnt faces!!!


  5. Hi there, i really love your sketches. Would you mind if i write about them in some of my degree first year work?

    – Naomi (aberystwyth, wales)

  6. Naomi — I am flattered. I can send you a Flickr link and you’ll get a better presentation and more of my stuff. Just email me jeffrey at atlassian dot com. Thanks so much — Jeffrey

  7. great work.. love the simple but effective use of line
    i myself enjoy scratching pen work an fast fluid lines. the line imitation from van gogh’s post card is very impressive..

  8. Hilda Vega Hasserjian

    Jeffrey!!! I have been looking for you for a while! So nice to see you are enjoying your life as a musician (I knew you always loved that) but an artist? Never knew that…maybe that is why you were so picky pain about me selecting the art for our office. You never did see the one i picked and purchased in Mendocino. It’s hanging in our game room and we still love it! Get in touch, would love to see you. How is Peggy and the kids?

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  11. Pasco Loffredo

    Great work. What a thrill it was to see you again in October after all these years. I had a great time in PV at the end of October. My first time there in Nuevo and on a resort vacation. Quite a different experience from a condo in the Zona Romantica. I am in Arizona visiting my daughter outside of Phoenix. I just read your blog. You are the most positive vibrant person that the I know. On the flight from Providence I read “The Shack” that my therapist had recommended to me on Thursday. I am not religious and I take a Unitarian Universalist view toward the existence of god, yet I found the book deeply moving. (If you want to be left alone on a long flight, read a moving book and be reduced to sobs along the way!!!)
    Well we are off on a hike soon. Stay well and in touch.

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  14. Just landed up here through one of my image searches, I must tell you draw really well. Keep up the great work.

  15. Browsed the blog and its disheartening to know that Jeffrey passed away. Apologies if my above comment traumatizes anyone.

  16. nice sketches, there are some nice one aswell at the allard pierson museum in amsterdam, a must see aswell.

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  18. I am curious to find out what blog platform you’re utilizing? I’m experiencing some minor security
    problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any solutions?

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