Netherlands Sketches

When I travel on business, I sketch on weekends. I just got back from Amsterdam where I am setting up our new European headquarters for Atlassian. May in Amsterdam is a great time to be outdoors sketching. Here are my sketches from Amsterdam and Delft.

11 responses to “Netherlands Sketches

  1. I particularly like the Rembrandt. Would you ever consider making some of the sketches prizes for Atlassian or are they too personal?


  2. Excellent work!!!

  3. Love your sketches 🙂 You’ve got some great talent there.

  4. Thanks Matt. Prizes? For what may I ask? Great user group presentations? 🙂 Seriously… not sure I follow you. But that’s terribly nice of you. — jeffrey

  5. Awesome work Jeffrey – very impressive!

  6. Nice work. I enjoyed hanging out with you and Jesse in Amsterdam. I’ve got a nice picture I’ll send of you holding the sketch in front of the bridge. Beautiful work!

  7. Jeffrey-

    These are fabulous. I really like the pen line and color combination – watercolor sketching has always escaped me and you are great at it. Very nice stuff…..

  8. Thank you for sharing your very impressive work!

  9. I’d have been thrilled to see it in Paris, but Amsterdam is a great place. See you Thursday in the city of lights ;-).

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